Friday, April 4, 2014


She looks back to show she is happy.

The mark of a promise, traceable from the gleam in her eyes and the smile that she never tries to hide.

Her heart, guarded.
Her soul, seeking.

"Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable." Philippians 4:8

Think about such things, it has been said in His Word.


Monday, December 16, 2013

There's just something about Black and White

She looked down and she looked up.
Either way, she looked through.

The memories circulated inside her head.
There is tenderness, there is sadness.

Contradicting yet complementing.

Black and white, white and black.
Two can play at that game.

Still, she breathes with hope.
And she watches as everything fades...

Into the deep corners of her mind.
Full of thoughts, full of questions.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wandering in VENICE

It really felt like we were aimlessly travelling in Venice. When I got out of the station, all I could say was WOW. Venice is so amazing, then all these stupid and rhetorical questions popped up in my head, like "has it always been like this?" Or "how deep is the water?"

Venice totally sparked my curiosity. I had all these imaginations in my head about how people lived here everyday, and the questions are still popping in my head and they are limitless. Do they ever dream about buying cars, or does everyone know how to swim, and where are the malls...? HAHA.

My mom told me that people living in Venice are billionaires. I found myself inspecting the residents' names at the gates and doorsteps of their houses as we pass their inner streets which I think are better called as hallways.

It is in Venice where I wondered more about the people and what brought them there. I can't stop thinking about how they live their lives in Venice. It is so much different from other parts of Italy that I have witnessed. I'm repeating myself here.

Oh, we did not try riding on the gondola because it was too expensive. Although I would have wanted to pass below the bridges and look at the people looking at me because I am riding the gondola haha, but it was the other way around. There was one gondolier who sang and it was pleasing to the ears.

And of course, I wouldn't forget that dog I was shaking hands with in the picture. While we were buying gelato, we saw this dog and he reminded me of  Maui, the dog we've had for the longest time (11 years). I called for the dog to come near and he was so obedient. He walked towards us and I couldn't stop myself from calling him Maui even though I knew he was a boy. I asked my brother to take a picture of me and the dog until "Maui" suddenly raised his paws for me to shake it. I was so happy, it was like being with Maui again. I pat his head and he just sat there with his tongue out. He wouldn't shake with anybody else's hand without me shaking it first. I was so attached right away that I missed the dog with every step as we walked away... :(

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Working in BOLOGNA and sleeping in REGGIO EMILIA

Our days in Bologna were totally about business, it's our main purpose for going to Italy. We had to attend this fair which was supplemental for my family's enterprise. I acted as a secretary to my parents during the whole affair. Really, that's all I can say.

We didn't spend our nights in Bologna. Instead, we slept in a hotel in Reggio Emilia and we had to travel at least 45 minutes every day for 5 days to Bologna. That's how I got used to the train system in Italy.

When we were finally able to have a free time to roam in Bologna, my dad consulted his book again and decided to look for his favorite watch store. Again, we had another epic experience when we saw that the store was relocated. We asked our cab driver to bring us somewhere else instead. He was very kind and he spoke a lot of English. He was like a tour guide because he told us some information about places that we passed by.

We asked him to take us to the best gelato place in town because my mom claims to have a love affair with gelato. I wanted to join in that love affair, haha, because I love gelato too. So he took us there and he was right. I can still remember the taste of that gelato. My all-time favorite flavor is pistachio and nocciola. It's a great combination. After that, we roamed around the heart of the city and saw the fountain of Neptune. It was beautiful. We ate the best pasta in Bologna too!

One night, we decided to eat dinner in our hotel room, so we went to a supermarket near the hotel and bought food. I passed by the seafood section with my brother and I saw this very cute lobster. Look at those eyes. It saddened me that he was going to get eaten soon. Ugh, this is why I want to be a vegetarian. After I took a picture of the lobster, an employee smiled at us and said "Ni hao!" Then when I replied "Ciao!" he said "Xie xie." It made me laugh so much that I couldn't reply "Grazie" anymore.

It wasn't a surprise because we have a little Chinese blood (from dad) in our veins, but then it doesn't show so much from my eyes. It does from my brother's. But then, maybe it's just because some westerners think that all Asian-looking people are Chinese lol.

Someone from the fair also told me I look Eurasian, I think I still have some (very little) of that German (from dad again) and Spanish (from mom) blood too. But seriously, my complexion screams "I am Filipino!"

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shopping in FIDENZA

My dad has this book titled "Born to Shop in Italy" (I think so) and it suggests places where we can find great items and what stores we can see in a particular city.

My dad read about Fidenza and we spent our first day in Italy there. We checked out the outlet stores in Fidenza village, but before we got there, we were kind of stranded.

That's what it felt like.

When our train dropped us off at Fidenza station, we went out to see what seemed like an abandoned place.

Again, that's what it felt like.

Seriously, where were the people? They were invisible. We didn't know who to ask and we couldn't find a cab. We didn't know what to do at first so my family and I had a photo opp as we waited for a miracle (a cab) to arrive.

We met a Singaporean couple who also wanted to check out the village and we had a little chat until a local came by and asked us where we were headed. He was kind enough to offer us a ride and bring us to our destination. Too bad though, that he could only accommodate 2 people in his car. So we insisted that the Singaporean couple take the offer.

Then we waited again and continued our photo opp.

From afar, we finally saw the miracle that was heading towards us with a taxi sign on top. There goes our cab! He brought us to the village. It was a total opposite of the station. There were a lot of people, of course, it was a shopping place.

Before going to Italy, I told my family that I will buy a purple wallet for myself. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one in Fidenza village. At least we were able to taste the gelato from Lindt, yumyum. We also ate lunch there. Our server had the coolest, deepest voice ever, and he talked about culatello being the yummiest ham. My brother mimicked him the whole day.

For our first day in Italy, it was a unique experience, I must say. :)